Good news, riders! The trails at Jones Creek will be opening for riders’ use on Wednesday, May 6th. The state continues to require social distancing, so please keep the staging area and other parking areas clear of crowds. Please note that the outhouses may not yet be unlocked by that date, so plan accordingly.

With all of the spring growth we’ve had with this warm spring, and no work parties keeping the trails cut back, you can expect a lot of underbrush and face slappers. If you can, bring a pair of hand clippers and trim some brush back. The club will do what we can, but we are a couple of months behind in the maintenance, so any help is appreciated.

Also, because of the social distancing requirements, we are not allowed to hold any public work parties at this time, but as soon as we can, we’ll post up here and on our FaceBook page to ask for your help!