Hangover Scrambles

Our Traditional New Years celebration with Mud, Snow, Ice and Fun!

The Hangover Scrambles, held on New Years Day every year, is JCTRA’s main fundraising event and the proceeds help pay for maintenance to keep the trails open and in good shape.

Time Until the Next Hangover


Hangover Scramble FAQ

It’s Jones Creek Trail Riders’ main fundraising race event that draws around 200-400 racers and as many as 600 spectators each year.

At the world-famous Washougal MX Park! We use portions of the motocross track (as the weather in January allows), as well as trails in the surrounding hills above the property.

New Year’s Day of course! That’s why we call it the Hangover Scramble, but the hangover part is up to you.

Yes! Camping is allowed beginning the day before, and the fee is $30 per vehicle. The gate will close at 9pm the night before, and open it again at 6am on race morning. Be sure to wear your wristband the entire time you are on the property.

Bikes and quads. Check the race schedule for the different classes and when they race. Bikes and quads race at different times throughout the day. Electric bikes are welcome, too, but 6x6s and three wheelers are not.

We do ask that you keep your vehicle exhaust to 99 decibels per track rules, or risk being sent home. We need to remain good neighbors for the surrounding area. No motors prior to 8am, or after dark the night before.

Yes! If your kid is on a 50cc or 65cc bike, we have a special course laid out just for their size and ability, away from the main race course.

If your kid is older and ready to race on a bigger bike, we do have a class on the beginner course for those 15 years old and under. A parent is allowed to follow their new racer in the 15 and Under class, you just need to register at the tower and get a vest and wristband from us.

We have several routes that vary based on the classes (beginners, amateurs and experts). It can vary from dry to muddy to severe snow and ice, depending on the weather. Being on New Year’s Day, you should expect tough conditions, which sets our race apart from the rest. Typically, we see high winds and a lot of mud, but have also experienced several inches of snow.

Tire studs are allowed, and many people run them, but we ask that you keep it to 1/2 inch or less for safety of the racers around you.

Expert classes will be run thru the log and boulder section on the east side of the Pro pits.

Sorry, no! Only course workers are allowed on the course prior to the start. Our lease and insurance only allows riding on race day.

Right here on our website, up until a couple of days before the race.  If you register before the deadline, you’ll get a free event T-shirt.

We may have a limited supply of event T-shirts for sale at the registration tower, but it’s not guaranteed. If you want to purchase additional apparel, email us early in December at hos@jctra.org.

After you pay your gate fee, come to the Pre-Registration window at the tower. Give us your name, we’ll have you sign your waiver and hand you your packet with race material and T-shirt. You don’t have to fill out any other forms – quick and easy! No need to bring your helmet to registration.

Come to the registration windows at the tower starting at 6:30 am, and at least 30 minutes before your race. Fill out a form and wait in line – we’ll get you set up and ready to go. No need to bring your helmet to registration.

Contact us at jcinfo@jctra.org. We have lots of tasks to do both before, during and after the race, and appreciate those who step up to help. Even kids and non-riders! There are a lot of ways to help that don’t require any special skills, just show up and we’ll show you what to do.

For this race, complete as many laps as you can in 1 hour. Every full lap you complete is counted, even if you drop out early, so there’s no need to wait for the checkered flag. If you are out on the course when the 60 minute time limit is up, you can complete your lap as long as you stay ahead of the sweep riders. If they catch you, you’ll be directed off the course and that lap won’t be counted.

We use both RFID electronic scoring as well as manual scoring on paper. Preliminary results are usually posted at the tower within an hour of the end of your race, based just on the electronic scoring. However, before we post final results, we confirm every rider and every lap against the manual scoring, to eliminate any scan errors. When your results show your correct number of laps completed, but no lap times or fewer lap times, that means a scan error occurred and we used the paper backup to confirm your final position.