Article No. 1

This club shall be known as the JONES CREEK TRAIL RIDERS ASSOCIATION.

Article No. 2

The objective of this club is to preserve, protect and promote the Jones Creek Recreation Site for the purpose of preserving the sport of off-road motorcycling and to nurture an area that can produce a national champion in off-road riding of a national or international level.

Article No. 3

Active members shall be riders of motorcycles or ATV's 16 years or older male or female, persons actively concerned with the trade or motorcycle enthusiasts. Honorary members shall be any other person as the club may decide by a two-thirds vote of those present at any regular meetings. Only active members shall be entitled to a vote in club affairs. Family members under 16 years of age shall have no vote on club affairs, but shall be entitled to win prizes in club activities.

Article No. 4

The officers of the club shall be the President, Vice President - Administration, Vice President - Finance, Vice President - Special Events, Vice President - Public Relations, Vice President - Operations, and Membership Coordinator. These officers shall constitute the executive board. Club members may hold multiple offices as membership allows.

Article No. 5

The President shall: Preside at all club gatherings; Oversee general supervision of club affairs; Appoint any person or committee not otherwise ordered by the club; Personally represent the club on proper occasions and business contacts; Assist all other officers of the club; Promote interest in club life and activities; Vote only when necessary to break a tie.

Article No. 6

The Vice President - Administration shall: Perform the duties of the President in his/her absence; Support the President in administrative related activities; Write monthly club newsletter and calendar; Assist Recording Secretary with related duties.

Article No. 7

The Vice President - Finance shall: Support the President with finance related activities; Responsible for club bank accounts, membership records and procurement; Assist Membership Coordinator with related duties.

Article No. 8

The Vice President - Special Events shall: Support the President with special events and related activities. Coordinate planning of all club special events. V.P. of Special Events may convene a committee of club members to assist in coordination of club special events. V.P.of Operations shall chair said committee unless he chooses to defer this duty to another committee member.

Article No. 9

The Vice President - Public Relations shall: Support the President with public relations and related activities; Assumes role of Department of Natural Resources Liaison with related duties; Assists the United States Forest Service Service Liaison with related duties; Assists the AMA/NMA Liaison with related duties.

Article No. 10

The Vice President - Operations shall: Support the President with operations related activities; Assist the V.P. of Special Events with related duties. Plans and organizes monthly club work parties. Ensures club equipment is properly stored and maintained. Assists V.P. Public Relations with coordinating work party related activities with the DNR.

Article No. 11

The Membership Coordinator shall: Support the President with membership related activites. Process new and renewed memberships. Maintain an accurate and up to date membership role. Recruit new members to the club. Assist V.P. of Finance with processing of new memberships.

Article No. 12

The Executive Board shall: Act for the club in all matters ordered by the club; Make final decisions upon member expulsion; Properly investigate and present to the club all business or important activity situations; Have general control over all club affairs.

Article No. 13

All elective offices shall be filled at an annual election to be held in January/February* of each year, and all officers shall hold office for one year or until their successors are elected. A special election may be called by the Executive Board to fill an office vacated any time during the calendar year.
(*=Amended from "February/March" 2/2010)

Article No. 14

The regular meetings of the club shall be held on the last Wednesday of each month, 7:00 P.M. at Pied Piper Pizza unless that Wednesday falls on a holiday weekend. If so, then the meeting shall be moved up one week. A special meeting may be called at any time as warranted by the President or Executive Board by giving proper advance notice to the membership.

Article No. 15

One-third or no less than eight active members present and in good standing shall constitute a quorum for transactions of club business.

Article No. 16

The constitution and the bylaws may be amended or added to, providing the proposed amendment is submitted in writing at a regular meeting. It shall then be advertised for four weeks and voted on at the next meeting. A two-thirds vote of active members present and in good standing shall be required to pass an amendment.

Article No. 17