Why you should register on

Why you should register on


Why should you register?

Registration on the JCTRA website allows you to receive occasional emails containing the most up to date news and information concerning Jones Creek OHV area and the Jones Creek Trail Riders Association. You'll get the latest information concerning upcoming events, news on subjects like the new trail building process, plus trail hazards and closures.

You must re-register on the new site even if you were registered on the old site!

If you decided you no longer want these occasional emails you can simply respond to any of them asking that you be removed from the list.

How to register on the new JCTRA website?

When you come to as an unregistered user, there will be a place to enter your user name and password (on the upper right corner of the front page)....since you don't yet have a user name or password you should click on the highlighted words "New Account" below the login area. You can also click HERE to go there right now.

When you click on "New Account" you will be asked if you are under or over the age of 13, please answer accordingly. Assuming you answer correctly (over 13) you will be directed to a page where you need to enter a username of your choice for this website along with a password of your choice, and your email address.

There is a box that if checked allows others to view your registered email address, checking that box is optional.

The next box when checked indicates that you have read our "Terms of Use" and "Privacy Policies" which you can click on and read at that point. This box must be checked.

After that you can enter your personal profile information all of which is optional.(See below)

Please note that as an effort to prevent spam and hacking of the website all registrations will be moderated, which means that each registration must be approved by a real person. If the email address looks suspicious (such as a or address with a meaningless jumble of characters in front of it) the moderator(s) will look at your personal information to see if it looks most hackers won't bother to enter anything or will enter garbage. The moderator(s) may elect to email you and ask you a few questions in an effort to confirm that you are a real person. This process may delay your registration being accepted. Entering at least some of the personal profile information is likely help prevent that delay. Selecting the correct "Time Zone" in your profile is also helpful.

The last hurdle involves answering a simple security question. Read the question and enter your answer in the box.

After you answer the security question please click the "Check Your Entries" button to verify that all of your entries are acceptable. If there are problems with your entries they will show up in red text below "Check Your Entries" button. Please fix or change those entries and click "Check Your Entries" again. Once your entries are acceptable you will be able to click the "Submit Registration" box.

Please note that spending a prolonged amount of time filling out the registration form may result in and error which may require your to repeat the process. Please fill the registration out all at once to avoid this problem.

After you submit your registration (by clicking the "Submit Registration" box), an email is sent to you displaying your username and password. Please save this email in case you lose your user name or password.

An email is sent to the moderator(s) letting them know that you have requested to register on the JCTRA website. The moderator(s) will look at your information and in most cases approve the registration...usually within 24 hours.

In some cases if the username or email looks suspicious (such as or address' with unusual or garbled characters in front of them) the moderator(s) may send you a separate email and ask you some questions in order to help determine whether or not you are a real person. Most hackers use fake emails or will not respond to this type of request. We are sorry for this inconvenience, but it has become a necessity due to the amount of Spam and Hackers we have to deal with. Again, filling in the personal information section will help speed this process.

Once the moderator(s) have approved your registration request you will receive a second email letting you know your request has been approved. Approval could take as much as 48 hours, but in most cases you will be approved in 24 hours or less, sometimes in a matter of minutes depending on whether a moderator is currently online.

Once you receive the email letting you know your account has been approved your registration for the website is complete and you may log on as a registered user. You do not need to be logged on to receive informational emails, however it is highly recommended to login to the website during each visit so that you have the ability to view all content within the site.

Click "BACK" on your browser to return to the front page and register.

Thank you for registering with!

If you have trouble or get any sort of error code during this process or you need help completing the registration, please email your concerns to:Site Administrator